The last time Willow saw her home, the Precinct was smoldering in black smoke and flame with three-quarters of the populace stacked in burn piles from the bombs. Three years after the fact, its tattered streets flap in the coarse wind with no sign of life.

The night SIND takes her and her uncle hostage, she contracts the deadly Hydra virus-and lives. The mega-government’s experimentation with the fleshy water creatures reveals a new potential for man’s search for immortality. But at what cost?

Onboard Proc 1, life is no different than on the ground for Willow. Having survived the virus’ initial attack on her Central Nervous System, her body mutates. Side chatter and gossip abound everywhere she walks. They whisper, “The girl who bit back,” everywhere she goes.

She’s an outcast to her own people. With her parents dead, and the increasing likelihood that her uncle and godfather are too, she has no one to talk to. That is, until she’s recruited by BioTic to join their molecular department. What she didn’t know was that she’d be the leading subject for creating a cure.

One year later, she discovers the truth behind SIND’s obsession with her blood that could unravel everything anyone has ever believed about the Origin of Life on the planet. SIND’s journey to the sky was for a reason; just not what everyone was told. The walls of secrecy extend deeper than even that of the mega-government’s reach.

Willow needs to tell someone-anyone-before the secret consumes her too. But who would believe her now? After all, she’s a Tainted.